The Empathic Leadership Institute (ELI)

The Empathic Leadership Institute (ELI) is committed to supporting organizations to embrace empathic leadership responses, mindsets, habits and structures. Our experience leading corporate change shows that empathic responses create a fundamental cultural shift where everyone in the organization feels empowered and accountable.

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Training Programs

Our extensive experience training and coaching individuals and organizations worldwide has led us to develop a series of programs that support performance and well-being.

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What they say!

“If you want to be a good leader, this is an exceptional course for positioning your skill set in the right direction. You emerge with a knowledge of theory, practice, skills, tools and principles, all of which are very pragmatic and can be used in daily life, and/or work context on a regular basis.

– Brock, Former CEO
at the Foundation of Canadian Municipalities


“I realized that in any conversation, myself and the other party can walk away with getting what we both need.”

– Lauren, Founder & CEO
at Gratified Culture


Two applications of our expertise

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Empathic Leadership

Experiential Learning course to put empathic leadership into practice.

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Empathic Leadership for Healthcare

Compassion and Empathy in Healthcare are the Foundations of Wellbeing

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Our approach

Studies such as Google’s “Project Aristotle” are making it increasingly clear that a central reason why organizations and groups achieve their purpose in a long-term and sustainable way is that the culture of the organization makes empathic responses a highly valued cultural norm.

The presence of empathy (E) leads to psychological safety (PS), which in turns creates fertile ground for creativity (CR), collaboration (CO) and ultimately productivity (P). Even with great products or technology, organizations rarely thrive when non-empathic responses dominate the culture of the workplace.

What needs to change?

Typically, leaders wanting to improve their organizations’ productivity focus on shifting from what’s wrong to what’s right, from what’s not working to what could work better.

At ELI, we believe that long-lasting improvement comes from shifting our attention from what’s wrong and what doesn’t work, to what’s important. What’s important for me, for you, for the organizations and for all the stakeholders.

Cultivating empathic leadership is the necessary gateway to make that shift, which gives leaders a true understanding of what productivity and collaboration mean and what it looks like.


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