The Transformational Power of Music

Jul 12, 2022



“Music is one of the most authentic and powerful arts, which could strengthen man’s will to power, therefore would create him as a leader.”



“The economy of the future will be about creating value and appropriate forms, and no one knows more about the processes for that that than artists”

Harvard Business Professor Rob Austin


Big news - a very special event is coming fast and I’m super excited to talk to you about it; but before I do, let me tell you a little about Henry and Brian.

Henry was a resident in a nursing home and spent his days being mostly unresponsive; had close to no interactions with the outside world and seemed totally lost and disconnected from life. Watch what happened when a nurse gave him headphones and played music from his past.

When Brian Fu was deep in depression, the song “Purpose” from Justin Bieber gave him a reason for being. Later on during tough times, the song "Always I'll care" helped him to resurface and find hope again. At some point Brian was wanting to leave a toxic relationship and the song “Lose you to love me” gave him the courage to do it.

There is an infinity of stories like these about the immense impact of music on people.

The Learning Power of Music

Music is powerful and transformative on its own, but when combined with learning it takes on even more strength:


“Music is a more potent instrument than any other for education, because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inward places of the soul.”  



The main idea is that music speaks its own language and touches us emotionally; here are some elements that confer such power to music:

  • Music stimulates the brain cells so people can learn faster.
  • Music can improve memory.
  • Music improves mental health.
  • Music is the language of emotions: music mimics our emotional lives.
  • We have the ability to empathize with music and be influenced by music.
  • Music leads people to feel stimulated and passionate, with high levels of intensity and concentration. This tends to create a  psychological and social motion towards actions and changes.
  • Music can provoke a mood change or tension for action by creating an empowering emotional state.
  • Music can powerfully inspire self-reflection, which can drive mindset and behavioral changes.
  • A shared experience of music creates a relational capital and a common ground for conversations.


 My Turning Point

Recently, I led a conference about the synergy of music and empathy, and what I found through my preparation research for it blew my mind: When empathy is combined with music something almost magical happens; music increases our empathy, which in turns opens us more to take in and get touched and transformed by music.

This conference was a starting point for me to unite my two life passions: music and empathy. This opened a huge door which led me to importantly reorient my day to day by infusing much more music-writing in it, but it also led me to reorient the foundation of the Empathic Leadership Institute to include music at the core of its learning and development approach.

This was a striking example of what can happen when leaders listen to their deeper aspirations to guide their leadership. In my case the movement towards connecting with my deeper aspiration happened through a succession of events.  It started with committing to lead the conference I mentioned earlier. As I was preparing for it, I noticed growing nervousness about my voice shaking sometimes when I was nervous.  To address that, I decided to take some voice coaching lessons.  During the first session, the voice-therapist mentioned that she sensed that a lot of my energy seemed to be stuck.  This led me to an exploration of where I might have repressed anger.  This definitely opened a lot of energy to flow! 

On the heels of that I got really exhausted from work, and it was clear that something was off. Around that time, during a conversation with Kyoko Yamamoto, a colleague and friend, she asked me this: “If you were to bring your very best to the world, could you trust that you would have enough to sustain you and your family?”

My first response was a clear no… but then I reflected more on it and as I asked myself what was my deepest aspiration. It appeared very clearly that it would have to do with combining my music and songs with my work on empathy and empathic leadership.

Inside-Out Leadership

Leaders often think about leadership as a series of skills, and mindsets, or they want to emulate other leaders that they appreciate. This is a bit of an outside-in approach:  let’s study Steve Jobs, Gandhi… Although this approach can be helpful and inspiring,  it often leads to vague concepts such as charisma, executive presence, executive maturity or business intuition which are hard to reproduce.

There is another aspect of being a leader that is less often talked about; how can you bring your full self in the way you lead? This would be more of an inside-out approach.

This shift to the inside-out approach has already started for me; during the last edition of the Empathic Leadership Live Online Program I introduced songs to anchor the learning, and the feedback from the participants has been very positive.

Furthermore, as I continued to reflect on my deepest aspiration and what's mine to do on this planet, I came up with a clear vision: put together an event where music is the main component and used to assist the audience in going through a transformational journey following the principles and mindsets of empathic leadership.

The Empathic Transformation Concert

With my team we started to brainstorm and lay the foundation for the Empathic Transformation Concert. It's been an incredibly energizing and creative experience for me to design the empathic concert and I couldn't be more excited to announce that we plan to host the first empathic concert (Empathic Transformation Concert) on October 22nd, 2022.  The event will be available online to a streaming platform and there will be live participants as well.

The  Empathic Transformation Concert is a unique transformational experience powered by the synergy of live music and empathy in service of catapulting you to become the leader you want to be.  The concert is made up of specifically designed songs that will take you through 7 paradigm shifts and 7 empathic insights, in addition to giving you the tools to tackle your current challenges.

The first Empathic Transformation Concert will happen in October 2022.

Until then we'll share updates by email and we'll hold 2 live talks on facebook and youtube on July 21st (12.30pm Eastern) and another one in August to keep you updated with the progress and offer more insights on the vision we have for it.

For now you can watch and listen to the actual version of the first song of the concert titled Ever. 


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